Build Radiators as a Service - a private and free build radiator for your team. This is for teams with no radiator up on a wall, and plenty of real reasons why Infosec will not let them put one up. There are many much more sophisticated "Information Radiators" available, but teams can use this one to get to green first, AND STAY THERE.

Build Radiator Demo (non updatable)

Getting Started

Key Features

🛂 Designed for guest Wifi

Put the radiator in your office's "guest" WiFi network so that the screen doesn't have to be logged in, and it will not have to adhere to the screen saver policy. Read more.

⛔ TCP/IP address restrictions

if you want you can restrict to only certain TCP/IP addresses to be allowed to view and update your radiator. See Restricting view & update TCP/IP addresses.

📺 Works on consumer TVs

Some low-end ($180) "Smart" TVs have a functional browser and WiFi capability, and works just fine on them. See Consumer Displays.

🎲 Your radiator will be mounted on a random URL

The JSON for your radiator is mounted ion a random 20-digit URL. The demo radiator has a random directory of ueeusvcipmtsb755uq (90 bits turned into lower case or numeric) which is strong enough protection.

㊙ The server only keeps cryptic references for your project

On the server-side your steps can be '1', '2', '3' (etc) if you want and expand them to longer step names entirely on the client side. The title similarly is set on the client side.

🚧 Integrations for build technologies

So far there is an extension for Java's Maven build technology, allowing it to publish to

Other features including...

  • You don't need a "login" for this service to use it
  • The radiator only shows the last ten builds
  • Width of each step in the radiator is proportional to average duration for that step

Privacy Policy

The tiny amount of info held on the server is not shared with anyone. Not for money, not for free. Nobody would want it anyway - it is terribly boring. Here is the demo radiator's JSON .


The 'buildradiator' project is on GitHub (open source) - - and contributions are welcome via the usual pull-request mechanism. Integrations with build technologies CI tools/services are also sought.